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Same-store sales increases and a bright future are spurring A&W franchisees to open more locations

A&W is an iconic American brand with a storied history spanning 100 years, but our rising revenues are telling the story of our future. With nearly 33% same-store sales growth on average since 2011 and current franchisees expanding into multi-unit ownership, the A&W revenue opportunity gets stronger by the day.

Growing our system by growing each restaurant

We’ve achieved that growth by focusing on how each individual store can live up to its fullest potential. Each successful store makes our entire network stronger.

“We’re focused on growth one store at a time, one operator at a time,” says President and CEO Kevin Bazner. “With A&W, you get a lot of attention from our marketing team and field operating team. We visit the restaurants and know one size does not fit all. Everything we do is very unique towards that individual location, operator and marketplace.”

And we’re not just talking about top-line revenue. We know that the bottom line matters most to our franchisees, so we make profitability a priority. That enables them to scale up their earnings by becoming multi-unit owners for the first time, or by further adding to their existing portfolio of stores.

“As we focus on growing the business, 60% of our new stores that are being built today are being built by existing operators, because they’re making money,” says Bazner. “We’re starting to see more and more operators that are building their second, third and fourth locations. We’re having discussions today with operators that are interested in doing five and 10 locations.”

Franchisee Don Unruh of Ohio is just one of those growth-focused operators.

“My goal for the next 10 years is to add 15 A&W freestanding restaurants,” says Unruh. “As I look at the economics of the A&W brand, I believe that the markets I’m looking at will be able to sustain profitable A&W locations and enable us to grow the brand.”

“We’re focused on growth one store at a time, one operator at a time.”  – President and CEO Kevin Bazner.

Long-term focus enables long-term A&W earnings

Another reason our franchisees are so confident in our continued growth is that we make our decisions for the long term. Since the brand is owned by franchisees, every decision we make is geared toward sustainable sales growth and profitability, rather than short-term gains for a disinterested investor. Our franchisees have an emotional connection to A&W. And that’s why we think our nearly 100-year-old brand still has an even brighter future ahead.

“There are not a lot of brands out there that have been around as long as A&W that have as many growth opportunities available,” says Unruh. “The brand is tried and true, and I think the best days for A&W are still ahead. I believe that, and I want to be part of that growth.”

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