Available territories

We have availability throughout the U.S. for entrepreneurs looking to open A&W locations in prime markets

Part of what makes our franchise opportunity such a great investment is the flexibility we offer in where A&W Root Beer locations can operate. We currently have more than 625 locations in large markets and small towns, with plenty of open territories still available.

“I think that the best days for A&W are still ahead. I believe that and I want to be part of that growth,” says franchisee Don Unruh of Delphos, OH. “If you join a lot of the other brands right now, it’s very hard to find growth opportunities that aren’t just a store here or a restaurant there. With A&W, if you have a passion for the business and the brand, the opportunities for growth are there.”

Flexible footprint and strong support for every A&W location

Our flexible store footprint means that nearly any retail space can make for a great A&W location. Many other restaurant franchise concepts lock you into rigid designs that can’t be easily adapted, so if you have a great space that doesn’t fit their footprint, you’re out of luck. With A&W, our experienced and creative design team can help create blueprints for your architect that work with the space you have, so you don’t have to give up on an otherwise-excellent location just because the franchisor wasn’t able to help.

Geography doesn’t have to be an obstacle, either. Our classic American concept works well in many types of markets, thanks to our broad appeal and the structural advantages A&W has for franchisees. Our distributor, Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions(RSCS), is one of the largest in the country, also serving brands like Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut. That means our franchisees get excellent prices on ingredients, and RSCS has the scale and reach to support franchisees in small-town A&W restaurant locations, where real estate costs are low but revenue opportunities remain high.

“I think that the best days for A&W are still ahead. I believe that and I want to be part of that growth.”  – Franchisee Don Unruh of Delphos, OH

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