Designing and opening restaurants

With our flexible store designs and talented Design Team, nearly any location can make a great fit for an A&W restaurant.

One of the most important factors in any fast-food franchise’s success is location. A highly visible, easily accessible spot helps you gain more foot traffic, more guests and more sales, so we have flexible store build-outs that can work almost anywhere.

Better still, we have layouts that can make for more scalable and affordable fast-food franchise costs at a number of different investment levels, whether you’re looking at a single location or a multi-unit agreement.

Site selection and design

Picking the perfect location is crucial to a franchisee’s success, because location can have a big impact on sales. That’s why our restaurant designs can work in nearly any space, so our franchisees don’t have to compromise on where they want to open.

“As I’m looking to develop 10 to 15 restaurants over the next seven years, one of the things that I pay particular attention to is the location,” says franchisee Don Unruh of Delphos, OH. “Location in this industry is very important, and I’ve seen in my past experience that franchisees over time can be much more profitable by picking and building on a grade-A location.”

We know that no two restaurant projects are the same, so our creative Design Team works directly with franchisees to lay out the equipment and seating to optimize efficiency and operations.

“It’s not a cookie-cutter mentality at the corporate office because they deal with so many different kinds of locations,” says Linda Mulder of Grand Ledge, MI, a second-generation franchisee whose family owns 10 A&W units. “So if you have what you think could be a really neat location for an A&W, you can go for it. Bring it to the corporate offices and see what they can make out of it, and you might be really surprised.”

We have prototypes ranging from 900 to 2,200 square feet that can be modified to maximize your space, whether it’s a ground-up, in-line or conversion of an existing space. We also provide design drawings that you can share with your architect, and we will work directly with you to design both the interior and exterior of the restaurant to bring the iconic A&W brand to your community.

Opening process

A Project Manager is assigned for each new restaurant. He or she will work with the franchisee from the time they register the site until after the store is opened. We provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to assist you and your architect, contractor and managers to get the restaurant opened. The Project Manager will be your liaison to the entire A&W Restaurant Support Center Team in addition to all external vendors to ensure that you have the tools needed to open your new restaurant.

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