Lower purchasing costs, wider reach

Our ties to a major buying co-op make supply and distribution a dream for every A&W franchisee in the country

We have an A&W in Lodi, CA. We have one in Middlebury, VT. We’ve got one in Pensacola, FL, and one in Troy, MI. If you go to any one of them, you’re going to find the same creamy Root Beer made on-site daily, the same delicious Papa Burgers and Cheese Curds. Partnering with a large supply vendor helps us ensure product consistency across the country.

Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions helps us get our food, paper and even restaurant equipment at great prices to franchisees, and there’s no place in the continental U.S. they don’t go. That’s because they don’t just service our 625-unit chain, they also supply and distribute goods for three of the biggest food franchises around: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC. With that kind of group buying power behind us, and our 100-year history of being in business, A&W springs to the top of the list of the best fast food franchises to own.

“One of the first things our franchise candidates ask us about is distribution,” Paul Martino, COO. “We’re fortunate enough to be part of this co-op service, so we have the buying power of the largest restaurant company in the world. That allows us to get not only our food and paper products at very aggressive prices, but also our equipment. Our franchise prospects are very excited about that.”

Best franchises to open in small towns

From a distribution standpoint, sharing truck space with big brands allows A&W to more efficiently serve every part of the country, including small markets others can’t touch. Not only does that allow our franchise owners to tap into the major advantages of operating in small-town America, they also reap the rewards of lower supply and distribution costs, which help boost their bottom-line revenues.

A&W is rooted in smaller markets, although we have premium market availability in more urban areas, too. From a consumer standpoint, our brand’s reliance on a single large distributor helps ensure consistency of the guest experience.

Guests are drawn to the nostalgia of A&W, to the authenticity of an iconic American brand that’s been around since 1919. You need only read our social media reviews to see evidence of that – people love revisiting a restaurant they’ve known and loved since childhood, and they love bringing in their children and grandchildren to share that same quality experience.

“When we acquired the A&W brand in 2011, we embarked on a brand strategy to figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up,” says Martino. “Did we want to be a McDonald’s? Or did we want to be a Five Guys? Did we want to be a fast food player? Or did we want to get into fast casual? We decided very quickly that we were somewhere in the middle, and we wanted to move towards the top. That involved quality food.

“Our supply and distribution vendor is a big part of consistently delivering that quality to A&W brand fans across the nation.”

Our ties to a major buying co-op make supply and distribution a dream for every A&W franchisee in the country.

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