How our marketing team helps you cash in on our good name

An infographic shows a photo of a man in restaurant whites resting his left arm on a ladder. The text on the left reads, “We should be famous for this. In 1963, A&W became the first chain restaurant to serve a Bacon Cheeseburger.” Beneath that is Dale Mulder’s autograph in orange script, and then in print is, “Dale Mulder, A&W, Inventor of the Original Bacon Cheeseburger.” On the right-hand side of the graphic is a photo of a bacon cheeseburger with words underneath that read, “The Original Bacon Cheeseburger.”

We help you market your A&W franchise by providing digital and print materials as well as marketing expertise to help you create an effective strategy.

The local marketing support for A&W franchise owners empowers franchisees to build on brand awareness for more guest traffic

You might expect a national restaurant chain to hold franchisees to a one-size-fits-all marketing formula, but at A&W, we put the focus on helping each individual franchise succeed through marketing that works for their community.
Because we have such an extensive history in the restaurant business, our A&W locations are as unique as the communities they’re located in. In many ways, we don’t have a national value message, says Director of Digital Liz Bazner.

“What we’re going to sell in Wisconsin in December is not what we’d necessarily recommend selling in Texas in December,” she says. “Our team helps build a customized local store marketing program for each individual restaurant, and we give our operators the tools needed to promote their restaurants in their neighborhoods.”

Point-of-Purchase (POP) materials are provided by A&W as part of our package of local store marketing support. We also offer everything from advice on local ad spend to guidance on how best to run your local social media accounts.

‘How will you help me build my community?’

That’s the first question Bazner hears when she meets new franchisees, she says, “and it’s an easy one for us to answer.”
That’s because we customize a local marketing program for each individual restaurant that allows them to leverage every tool in our toolkit to help them build an even stronger fanbase for their stores. We encourage them to start their own local social media accounts on Facebook and to claim their Yelp and TripAdvisor pages to interact more directly with their patrons.

“We do have a strong national following on social media platforms, but we give owners the tools to create a local social following as well, and most restaurants take us up on that,” Bazner says. “Over 20% of our restaurants have local store Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts that they use to promote their restaurant.”

We’ve streamlined our local marketing

A&W does have national media support as well, but it’s geo-targeted and designed to have the greatest impact possible on individual markets. We accomplish that with tactics like specifically tailored print and coupon messages or targeting digital advertising within a five-mile radius around a store.

We’ve been innovative in utilizing newer digital platforms, like programmatic display and video buying, to get our commercial messages in front of audiences that are increasingly turning away from traditional broadcast and cable outlets.

“When we talk about national TV, for us that’s digital – that’s streaming services, that’s in-app placements and video on social media. We are reaching consumers in their homes, but just not in the traditional ways that you would think of broadcast television.”

Tools to help you build your business

A&W Restaurants has had nearly a century of building our reputation, but that doesn’t mean brand fans automatically know when we open a restaurant nearby. We employ the usual means of marketing, like providing advertising slicks, POP materials and more. Our team of marketing experts also dive deep with each owner to see what will work best in their particular territory.

“We have a Focus Call process where we bring in the restaurant owner, the manager, one of our field operations team members and a member of the marketing team and we go through a very detailed process of identifying what their trade area looks like,” says Bazner.

We come back with a very detailed list of 10 things you as a franchise owner can do to improve sales immediately, and we then suggest the restaurant narrow that down to the top three. We help you stay on top of those results, too, with follow-up calls every three months to see how close you are to your sales goals. That hands-on approach from our team helps franchisees understand how to most effectively connect with their community and drive more traffic and sales.

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