Now Open: New Units Help Drive Double-Digit Sales Growth

Photo of A&W Restaurant exterior in Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

Getting a new restaurant built and opened is tough enough in regular times, let alone during a pandemic. But COVID-19 did not stop Betty Adrian and Mike Adrian from finishing a stunning new A&W this month in Mountain Lake, Minnesota. Welcome to the family!

Outstanding franchise partners like Betty and Mike are the reason A&W just announced its fifth month of double-digit comp-sales for this year. Thank you all for your perseverance and dedication. Click here to read more.

A&W Restaurants’ CEO Discusses COVID-19 Success on CNBC

Photo of A&W Restaurants CEO Kevin Bazner

A&W CEO Kevin Bazner explained to viewers of CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange how America’s first franchised chain restaurant has outperformed other quick-service brands after a “scary” March and April. According to Bazner, A&W Restaurants’ year-to-date sales growth is the highest since 2011, when franchisees purchased the brand. Comp sales were up by double-digits in May, June, and July.

Click here to watch the interview.

A&W Wins Summer Burger Wars with Three Months of Double-Digit Sales Growth

Photo of two cars in the drive-thru at an A&W Restaurant in Richmond, Kentucky

Perhaps it was Americans’ taste for familiar comfort foods and summer treats, like A&W Root Beer Floats. Or maybe it was our franchisees’ ability to quickly adapt to customers’ changing needs. Whatever the reason, new data shows A&W’s comparable sales, which were up double digits in July for the third straight month, are running far ahead of other limited-service burger chains. Click here to read more.

Sales in Overdrive at A&W Convenience Stores

by Dave Crowley, Director of Franchising Recruitment

Exterior photo of A&W Restaurant in Winneconne, Wisconsin connected to a Shell gas station.

C-store and travel center owners are finding the A&W Root Beer they pour is more valuable these days than the gas they pump. Even with drivers staying off the roads because of the coronavirus pandemic, June sales at A&W’s convenience and gas locations were up double-digits. You will soon see more C&G A&Ws, too. Click here to learn more. 

Strong Sales + Royalty Discount = Great Time to Join A&W

By Dave Crowley, Director of Franchise Recruitment

Side photo of A&W Restaurant drive-thru and exterior with cars in drive-thru. Team Member holding a paper A&W bag is walking out to a truck at front of the restaurant.

We’re pretty darn happy at A&W these days, despite all the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. It took a huge effort by our franchisees, however, our May sales topped last year’s by a whole lot.

While the future of many restaurant brands is in question, it’s very rewarding to see our franchise partners succeed. We’re equally pleased to be hearing from so many prospective franchisees.

To help them get started, we’re reducing royalties and initial fees. You can read more about both our sales and incentives here.

We’ve got great (social media) game

A recent study gives A&W high marks for social media engagement compared to other fast food franchises

Hands using a smartphone against a lit-up city street out of focus in the background.

If you want a lot of business, you need a lot of buzz.

Luckily, generating buzz happens to be one of the things we do well. A&W’s social media game is strong, and when you combine that with our restaurants’ hip nostalgia, you have a referral network that can drive serious brand engagement.

As QSR Magazine reported recently, “The same technology spreading this word-of-mouth culture also enables brands and marketers to leverage consumer insights to improve, course correct, and discover competitive differentiators that weren’t so clear before. And all without pencils and comment cards.”

How A&W stacks up against other fast food franchises

According to the analytics platform Netbase, A&W ranked No. 1 in net sentiment for the quick service category at 84%, with a passion intensity score of 87%, landing us at No. 2. This means that not only do fans love us, they really REALLY love us. Combining the two scores, we came in at No. 3 with an 81% brand passion index, just behind Taco Bell, in a ranking of 100 quick-service and fast-casual restaurants. The research company also gave us high marks for social strategy, saying we are labeled by many consumers as their “favorite corporate Twitter account” thanks to strategic use of hashtags for special events including #FreeMugFriday, #RootBeerFloatDay and #AWcademyAwards.

“Social allows restaurants to tap into consumer trends and discover what needs to be changed, and what current brand qualities should be emphasized,” QSR magazine writes. “It’s unbridled opportunity to drive not just engagement, but authentic interactions.”

A&W may have an edge over other fast food franchises, since we were first. We’re celebrating our 100th anniversary this year along with a brand resurgence which has been growing since a core group of franchisees bought the franchise in 2011.

We stay modern with sophisticated targeting and digital engagement while embracing our roots in those areas that have meaning to our fan base. Our customers come not just for the all-American comfort food we offer, but also for the nostalgia. Guests fondly remember the days of the drive-in and want their own kids and grandkids to have a similar experience, like enjoying the cold, delicious Root Beer we make in stores daily.

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