Based on surveys, female franchisees feel satisfied with A&W’s leadership, performance and business lifestyle

A hand holds a Root Beer Float in an A&W-branded mug in the foreground while an out-of-focus bacon cheeseburger, fries and strawberry shake are seen in the background.

Our brand of hip nostalgia and All-American food serves up the comfort food our guests crave.

A&W Restaurants was included in Franchise Business Review’s recent ranking of The Top 50 Franchises for Women, which was compiled based on surveys of nearly 8,500 female franchisees from 289 leading brands. Those with the highest satisfaction scores were included in the ranking.

Those who participated in the survey answered 33 questions about leadership, training, core values and other topics pertaining to their franchisor, including business lifestyle and overall enjoyment. 

Franchise Business Review writes, “Over the last decade, women have been flocking to franchising. Today, 29% of all franchises are solely woman-owned, and 32% of franchises opened in the last 24 months are led by women. While the pandemic may have temporarily slowed the rate of business start-ups, the outlook for women in franchising remains optimistic. In fact, our research on the top franchises for women shows that 88% of women say they enjoy operating their business and 75% would recommend their franchise to others.”

No ordinary franchise

A&W stands out as a franchise in many ways, but one of the most extraordinary is the way our ownership is structured. A&W is one of the best franchises for women — and men as well — because we understand exactly what franchise owners want. We should; we’re owned by franchisees.

Franchisees are key to decision-making. A&W owners determine every decision that affects the franchise through the National A&W Franchisees Association (NAWFA) Board, which approves all decisions with our Executive Team. Many franchisors promise a seat at the table, but A&W really delivers.

No one understands better than the franchise owners the impact decisions have at the restaurant level.

We also offer the advantage of a world-class supply vendor. A&W has a long-term relationship with Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (RSCS). RSCS offers us lower prices and greater reach thanks to its size; it provides services to three of the biggest franchises in the U.S.: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC. Franchise owners enjoy greater discounts on food, paper and restaurant supplies thanks to RSCS.

Best of all, A&W is a century-old legacy brand that’s stronger than ever in 2021, with an AUV of over $1 million, up 40% on average in our base-brand model.

Strong financial performance, stability and an equal voice at the table are all a part of the formula that make A&W one of the best franchises for women, in any category.

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