We’re better than a better-burger franchise. We’ve got the supply-side muscle to prove it.

A hand holds a branded A&W | All American Food mug with a root beer float. In the background a woman has a pile of fries and a burger on a tray next to a pink milkshake in another branded mug.

A&W Restaurants franchise is somewhere in the in-between. And by in-between, in this instance, we mean in between fast-food chains and better-burger franchises. We mean in between a small up-and-comer and a multi-thousand multi-national chain.

We’ve got a healthy 550-and-growing number of franchises here in the U.S. and another 350+ overseas. We’ve got 101 years in business. And we have restaurants tucked in some very far-away places. For an ordinary franchise of our size, that could pose some serious logistical problems.

But A&W has a serious work-around by the name of Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (RSCS). 

Efficiencies of scale

RSCS is a longtime vendor that dates back to the days before 2011, when we were owned by YUM! Brands. Although a group of franchisee investors bought back the A&W brand in 2011, we kept the things that worked, and that included our relationship with the largest restaurant equipment and food supplier in the nation.

As a vendor partner of YUM!, RSCS supplies three major chains: KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. That’s a combined 16,000+ locations nationwide, which is far more expansive than a better-burger franchise of 550+ units. That’s particularly helpful when you have a legacy restaurant chain like A&W, which has been around since 1919. We have some far-flung locations that are so off the beaten path, they would be prohibitively expensive to supply with a vendor partner that had smaller territories.

The involvement of RSCS was critical in the early days of the pandemic: They played a key role in providing PPE to our franchise operators, from hand sanitizer to masks. As Senior Vice President of Restaurant Support Services and Supply Chain Management Bill Fry wrote in a blog last year, “Working with RSCS allows A&W operators to purchase goods and services at lower costs than our competition because RSCS is the purchasing co-op for YUM! Brands. If we were trying to buy masks just for ourselves, that’s not a good position to be in. Instead, we are leveraging the buying power of brands many times our size.”

A difference in the bottom line

That kind of buying power helps franchisees achieve impressive results. A&W has experienced a 40% increase in our base brand AUVs since 2011, and we’ve also logged nine consecutive years of positive sales growth.

A&W franchise owners benefit from our long-standing vendor partnership with RSCS, gleaning the kind of cost savings and wider profit margins that are usually found at much larger franchises. But they also benefit from the close-knit bonds that stem from a franchise run by its franchisees.

Everyone has the contact info for our CEO Kevin Bazner, who has 40 years of experience in restaurants and franchising but can still go behind the counter and fry up a batch of our customer favorite Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders. Like everyone else on our Restaurant Support Center team, he works in one of our restaurants once a quarter. We’re in constant communication with our franchisees so that we can collectively make the decisions that are best for all involved.

Our attention to the bottom line and our commitment to nurturing beneficial vendor relationships like the one we have with RSCS are some of the many reasons why the A&W legacy is still going strong more than a century later.

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