A&W Restaurant franchises work where you are, thanks to a supply chain vendor with a very far reach

New franchisees find big efficiencies when they invest in A&W Restaurant franchises. That’s true whether you are a multi-unit franchisee diversifying into a new brand, or a small town entrepreneur looking for a franchise that works well in smaller communities.

One of A&W’s biggest strengths as a business opportunity is our supply chain. Our menu, brand recognition, and franchisee ownership structure are cherries on top.

Our supply chain advantage

Our supply chain vendor Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (RSCS) is a major buying co-op that handles supply and distribution for Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, three of the largest franchises in the U.S.

That means great prices on food, paper and restaurant equipment for our franchisees. The fact that RSCS is already servicing tens of thousands of restaurants means there’s nowhere in the country they can’t go. That gives our owner-operators the kind of buying power and reach usually afforded only to much larger franchise systems. That’s a boon for our small-town franchise owners as well as multi-unit developers who want to delve into new territories.

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