Why America loves A&W more than McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Culver’s

A&W comes in ahead of McDonald’s, Culver’s and Pizza Hut in a recent consumer ranking of favorite fast-food restaurants

There are a couple of sure-fire ways to gauge whether a food franchise is a good business to invest in.

  1. Look at the sales. Are they increasing? Are they making franchisees happy?
  2. Ask the consumers. If they like what a franchise is serving up, you can be sure they’ll keep coming back.

A&W is proud to say we have plenty of evidence to offer on both points. As to point No. 1, you can simply ask our franchisees, who have experienced nearly 30% sales increases on average over the past five years. As for point No. 2, you need turn no further than a recent online poll of thousands of fast-food consumers.

Rankings like these show America we’re not only still in the game, we’re winning at it. We’ve been operating continuously since 1919, and we’re excited to continue our winning streak in 2018, our 99th year in operation.

An A&W Root Beer Float is pictured in focus on the right side of the photo in a branded mug. The out-of-focus background includes green trees and businesses across the street.

Our famous A&W Root Beer Float is a combo of our delicious soft-serve ice cream and our creamy A&W Root Beer, made fresh in-store every day.

A&W vs. McDonald’s: Here’s why we win

A&W vs. McDonald’s isn’t necessarily a head-to-head competition you’d think of, but it’s nice to know that thousands of consumers rank us ahead of one of America’s top fast-food franchises. McDonald’s is bigger and more recognized, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to better in the minds of consumers. A&W came in at No. 15 on Ranker.com’s Top 100 list, while McDonald’s was at No. 29. The top 50 from that list were published in QSR magazine.

An overhead shot shows male and female hands reaching for two orders of fries on a patio tabletop. A plastic ramekin of dipping sauce is nearby.

Are A&W’s fries as good as McDonald’s? Some consumers think they’re even better.

Of course, opinions are subjective, but we’re flattered that guests find our high-quality menu so delicious. We strive to provide both quality and value to our guests, and it’s great to know that we are meeting their expectations. We’re able to maintain this consistency partly because of the role our franchisees play in operations.

Our franchisees don’t just operate our restaurants, they operate our brand. That means they weigh in on every decision that affects our brand, and because they’re in the trenches, they’re in a position to understand exactly how each decision will affect them – and how guests might react.

A&W is as vibrant as ever, and as we look ahead toward our thoughtful, steady growth plan, we’re looking to find the right kind of passionate foodservice entrepreneurs to grow along with us.

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