Our proprietary recipe and innovative process create a win-win for franchisees as we invoke nostalgic appeal


Our Root Beer is at the core of our brand identity, the centerpiece of our menu and the item that put our nearly 100-year-old brand on the map. And thanks to some innovative equipment that allows for a more efficient process that maintains our traditional recipe, we’re proud to say that every single A&W restaurant once again makes its Root Beer fresh in the stores. That makes for a restaurant franchise opportunity that’s more streamlined to operate and holds stronger appeal for guests.

A frosted mug of Root Beer sits on a wooden table, with an orange straw and the “A&W All American Food” logo.

There’s nothing better than a frosted mug of made-fresh Root Beer, and now our franchisees have a better way to make it.



An innovative approach to a traditional recipe


Innovations in our crafting process have enabled us to bring fresh Root Beer back to every single one of our restaurant franchises. Previously, it took a lot of space, time and labor to make Root Beer in-store. Now, our auto-mixer makes it easier than ever for our franchisees to serve a fresh product to their guests, even in small-footprint locations.


It’s an innovative process, but still the same recipe that’s been attracting guests for decades.


“Our Root Beer recipe hasn’t changed. We have a secret blend concentrate that has vanilla, barks, spices and berries, and that recipe is top secret,” says Vice President of Marketing Sarah Blasi. “Our operators used to have big kettles and a paddle to make Root Beer that would take four hours to mix, but we introduced an auto-mixer, which saves labor and can do a whole batch of Root Beer in about 45 minutes.”


A picture of a Root Beer float in a mug topped with a swirl of vanilla soft serve. An orange straw can be seen poking out of the ice cream. Text on the mug reads, “A&W All American Food®”




Better quality makes a stronger restaurant franchise opportunity


It’s easy for us to just mention the fact that our brand has been around for nearly a century, but what’s more important is why we’ve lasted so long. And the answer, simply, is quality. Our creamy Root Beer, whether served in a frosty mug alone or as a Root Beer Float, has created great memories for generations of guests because it just tastes better. Making it fresh is key to making it great.


“There is a significant difference between tasting a Root Beer from a bottle and can versus Root Beer that’s been made fresh in the restaurant,” says Blasi. “You can taste the difference when you taste it in the store, and with the addition of a frosted mug, there’s simply nothing better than that.”


We aim to make sure everything is the best it can be to bring in guests, whether it’s by introducing something new, like our Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders, or by putting the focus back on what made us such an iconic and successful restaurant franchise opportunity in the first place: A&W’s famous Root Beer.




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