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What it’s like to be an A&W franchise owner

“It’s been a wonderful experience to work with an A&W as a franchisee. You get to see both sides of how the business operates. You’re not just seeing the top line; you’re asking, ‘What are you going to do this year and next year?’ So it’s been quite a business lesson, as well.”

Sandy Brown | Franchisee in Oklahoma City

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What Franchisees Say…

“Franchisees have a lot of input into this brand, and once you have input into the brand, you’re adding a lot of knowledge and experience. The franchisees have been in this business for so long, it’s important to tap that knowledge and make that work for the future.”

Linda Mulder, Grand Ledge, MI

“A&W franchisees are treated like a business partner as opposed to having every decision handed down to them from a larger organization that’s maybe controlled by Wall Street. Here, decisions are made at a grassroots level by operators that have their livelihood totally invested in the business.”

Don Unruh, Delphos, OH

A&W fast food franchise is experiencing a comeback in popularity with average sales increases of almost 33%

A&W is an iconic brand that is experiencing a major renaissance under new franchisee ownership. The A&W Brand is owned by a partnership of international and domestic franchisees, including the National A&W Franchisees Association (NAWFA). With their years of experience working on the front lines of their own franchises, NAWFA helped restructure the A&W business model in 2011, bringing the brand back in line with its 100-year-old roots.

Since our franchisees bought A&W, we have poured all our energy into re-growing the brand that started in 1919. And since no one understands franchisees better than other franchisees, A&W is fully committed to creating long-term recurring cash flow and potential multi-generational wealth for our franchisees. We do that by focusing on growing profitable sales at the store level, and not just on collecting royalty fees.

The results have soared beyond expectations. Since 2011, we’ve experienced a brand resurgence with nearly 33% increases in same-store sales on average.

Our leadership team has decades of experience and a strong background in operations. Combined with our franchisee input, we bring together frontline experience and institutional knowledge. That has enabled A&W to make changes to the brand based on long-term growth objectives, rather than a short-term rewards-based decision typical of Wall Street or private equity investors. Our franchisee-owned brand is here for the long haul, and our strategies have already paid off with strong results and lots of room to grow.

“This is an operations-driven company. Everyone on our leadership team, myself included, came from operations. So common sense prevails in every conversation that we have. And our franchise operators are in every one of those conversations.”


– Kevin Bazner, President & CEO

What our iconic restaurant brand stands for

Have you been to an A&W lately? What may surprise you if you haven’t been in a while, or if you’ve never been to one at all, is the quality of the food. Yes, a restaurant is expected to serve quality food. But in some segments, particularly fast food, there’s a broad definition of what’s considered “quality.” There’s a big difference between a Five Guys burger and a McDonald’s burger. And A&W is much, much closer to the former when it comes to food quality.

Part of that dedication stems from our long history. Our brand was born in rural Lodi, CA, in 1919, when we served our first homemade Root Beer during a homecoming parade for WWI veterans.

We hold fast today to those values that have kept us in business for a century, and we’re excited to be in the midst of a renewed interest in the A&W franchise. We’re growing nationwide and looking for single- and multi-unit investors to join us. To learn more, please fill out the form below and continue to explore our research pages.

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